Sunday, October 25, 2015

The Day-to-Day Grind of Millennial Manhood

As a man with five years of marriage under his belt, one son and another one on the way, a pastoral role in the local church, and a management position at a technology company, I find myself thinking about a lot of things.

I think about lots of things at once, which is apparently an acquired talent. I'm getting there. My thoughts are filled with my wife, my child(ren), Payson Bible Church, theology, how to get more wisdom, lost people, saved people, family, friends, music, Cardinals baseball, and on and on it goes. I'm sure you can relate.  

Lately I've had occasion to ponder the state of men in my generation -- the Millennial generation. I've been thinking about all of the pros, cons, challenges, and everything in between. Consider this post just a section of the stream that is my thought life.

Friday, September 4, 2015

Dealing with Discontentment

During our college days, Melissa and I became close friends with another young couple on campus. It was before they were married, and we would have them over in our tiny apartment from time to time. These friends had been dating for some time and were recently engaged. They were talking about getting married after they were both done with school -- it was a ways down the road. 

Monday, August 17, 2015

Why People Don't Go to Church

Several times I've seen my Facebook friends share the post, “Not going church because there are hypocrites is like not going to the gym because there are out of shape people.” There are variations of the one on the left. 

I think that’s a fair rebuttal, but it’s not really getting at the heart of the issue. In my observation, many don’t want to go to church because, like a gym, it’s full of mirrors.

Friday, July 10, 2015

God Spoke to Me...

You might think the following post sounds super judgmental. Let me tell you, we're all judgmental. We make judgments every day. When it comes to the proclamation of truth and the representation of the Christian faith, God's people should be very discerning. Recognizing teaching that is good and recognizing teaching that is bad is essential to growing in Christ. 

I hope Russell Wilson continues to grow in Christ. His recent words serve as a great starting point to talk about the role of Scripture in the Christian life. I believe Wilson is my Christian brother, but he certainly needs some correction. 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Whatchya been up to?

You know the feeling. Someone asks you the incredibly broad, generic, not-really-interested-in-the-answer question: "Whatchya been up to?" Or maybe you're more familiar with its cousin, "How's it going?"

First reaction: "Uh..."

There are about seven hundred directions you could go at that point. So you quickly try to figure out what you should say. Here's the typical mental checklist we go through when responding: